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    Question on my GTX

    Took the seadoo out today. This is my problem, im not sure if its a problem or just somethin that happens on this machin.
    I own a 03gtx non supercharged 155hp. When im just idling along and pin it the seadoo seems like its cavitating alittle bit then gets up on plane. I check wear ring and impeller there both mint not a scratch on it.
    Could it be becuase the machine is heavy? or is there something that i can check out on it?


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    Dan, If you say the prop and wear ring are in excellent cond. I would check the intake grate. Make sure it is not protruding down further than it should, and make sure there is nothing catching or hanging off of it. You could be airing out the pump, and causing the prop not to catch. But the wear ring would be the most likely cause of this. It doesnt have anything to do with the weight of the machine, It is designed that way and should run fine.

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