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    Personal Water Craft: FISHING

    Martin Watson is the Marlin Fishing Super Hero, check out his fishing exploit on vvid:

    This guy is chumming bait to fish, its strange...

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    1st Annual Jack Prodanovich White Seabass Open

    Me and a few friends are going to be usign PWC's for support diving this summer...getting ready, soon....May 30th the hunt begins! This is a great tribute to an incredible hunting sport, spearfishing. I hope you enjoy.

    The 1st Annual Jack Prodanovich White Seabass Open
    Hello Fellow Spearos!

    I am very honored to announce the 1st Annual Jack Prodanovich White Seabass Open benefitting the Hubb's - Seaworld Research Institute's WSB research, hatchery and restocking programs.

    100% of all funds from the entry fees for this event will go directly to Hubb's, no administrative costs will be deducted from the entry fees. This is an event with three goals;
    1) Honor Jack Prodanovich with a contest carrying on his legacy of conservation and responsible harvesting of seafood/fish
    2) Raise awareness and donations for the Hubb’s White Seabass Hatchery Program
    3) Demonstrate to the community at large that Spearfishermen are leading edge conservationist by practicing responsible take

    The Contest
    * One Spearfisherman, One Fish (WSB only)
    * Tournament begins at first light on Friday May 23rd
    * Tournament ends as Sunset on Sunday May 25th
    * Boundary begins at the Coronado Islands
    * Boundary ends at Pt. Conception
    * Each entry for each diver must have a completed Hubb’s form and fish head and a picture of the diver, fish and scale

    Entry Fee
    Participating Freedivers $30.00
    Food/Beverages will be provided as well as a event t-shirt
    All entry fees shall be paid to Hubb’s directly

    Entry Forms on the San Diego Freedivers website and T-shirts will be available on February 4th.

    On Memorial Day May 26th, we will be hosting a Jack Prodanovich tribute ceremony with addresses by such legendary freedivers such as Jim Stewart and others. We will have Jack's Bottom Scratcher collection which includes historical artifacts such as spearguns, photographs and more on display.

    Our raffle will have spearguns from the top custom speargun makers around the country to celebrate this event. This will be an event you will not want to miss. More details to follow shortly.

    We thank you for your support,

    Todd M Peterson
    San Diego Freedivers
    The Jack Prodanovich White Seabass OpenJack Prodanovich

    To learn more about Jack and the San Diego Bottom Scratchers and learn about our history please see this great article by Terry Maas Images Hi All,
    I would like to thank everyone for thier great feedback and support. This has been a collective effort led by the San Diego Freedivers and the Prodanovich Family. I also would like to thank our brother clubs the Fathomiers, the Neptunes and the Tritons for their support of the event. We have an amazing opportunity to have a gathering of the tribe starting with first Generation divers like Jack (his last public appearance), Jim Stewart, Marty Pasos, and many 2nd and 3rd generation divers have expressed interest in attending and participating in the hunt. This will be a once in a lifetime chance for many of the new generation of spearfishermen to meet the men that have defined our sport and ethic. The San Diego Bottom Scratchers were not tournament divers, the fact that we are able to have this benefit for the Hubb's foundation is very significant as well as the fact that Carl Hubb's who the research institute is named after was also a member of the Bottom Scratchers. Much of the CA DFG take regulations stem from observations and logs kept by the Bottom Scratchers and their support for voluntary restrictions they imposed on themselves for Black Sea Bass and Broomtail Grouper as well as abalone and lobster.

    We are working with and reaching out to dive stores and individuals that will be helping us collect the WSB heads, digital photos of the divers with their catch up and down the coast so that everyone can hunt their local spots. We do not advocate everyone going to PV or LJ for this event and we want our participants to adhere a code of honor on starting and ending their own hunt and get their fish weighed by one of the many representatives/stations up the coast.

    I am currently working on the registration for the event, because Hubb's is involved and all payments are going to Hubb's I want to make sure they have final sign off. As soon as the registration form is available I will make an announcement on this forum. The San Diego Bottom Scratchers

    Free-dive club of the 1930s was full of underwater innovators

    Ed Zieralski
    UNION-TRIBUNE Staff Writer

    August 16, 2003

    Seventy years ago this summer, something happened off La Jolla Shores that changed the world of ocean recreation forever.

    Three men – Glenn Orr, Jack Prodanovich and Ben Stone – started the Bottom Scratchers, an invitation-only group of watermen who became the founding fathers of free diving.

    Last Saturday, in what was a bittersweet ceremony in Bay Park, six of the club's seven remaining living members (Earl Murray didn't show) were recognized at a 70th Celebration of the Bottom Scratchers. The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) honored Prodanovich with an award.

    The words on the award from DEMA said: "With little more than homemade masks and bare skin, you were the first to open the ocean door. Thank you for leading us. Congratulations Bottom Scratchers Dive Club."

    Terry Maas of Ventura, an internationally-known free diver, author and authority on the sport, described the importance of the San Diego club to diving.

    "That says it all on the plaque," Maas said. "These guys were like the Wright brothers of diving. But the difference is, unlike the Wright brothers, some of these guys are still here. They were the right guys at the right time. But they also had the right stuff. They were good people then, and we can still say they're good people today. That's what makes them great after 70 years. They're the founders of the sport, and they led it with gear innovations for 50 years."

    Although the Bottom Scratchers Dive Club would eventually grow to only 20 members, the men did everything they could to grow the sport and teach others how to spear fish, keep a good spear gun or get lobsters and abalone on breath-held dives. Eventually, the club included such men as Carl Hubbs of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Jim Stewart, chief diving officer emeritus at Scripps.

    "They taught us everything they knew and were so unselfish with their time," said Larry Catarius, whose son, Shad, worked with Mark Dubbs, a contemporary of Prodanovich's, and set up last Saturday's celebration. "They belong in the San Diego Hall of Champions. This is the oldest diving club. They should have an exhibit here."

    Prodanovich, now 90, had a display of his innovative spear guns behind him during last Saturday's social. Prodanovich teamed with fellow club member Wally Potts and developed the sport's most innovative underwater weaponry. The Bottom Scratcher Speargun was more than six feet long.

    "I can't believe what all this came to," Prodanovich said. "We were just a couple of guys hittin' the drink for fish with a couple of masks and spears. It's just mind-boggling what all this came to."

    In their time, the Bottom Scratchers were featured in National Geographic, the May 1949 issue titled, "Goggle Fishing in California Waters." It was written by David Hellyer and photographed by Lamar Boren, who was one of the Bottom Scratchers.

    Potts, who died in February of 2002, made the Sept. 13, 1954 issue of Sports Illustrated, the fifth edition ever of the magazine, with a 401-1/2-pound black seabass he shot free-diving. It included a picture of Potts with the fish and description of his feat.

    Prodanovich said he and Potts, the sixth member of the club, began working on the 70th celebration before Potts' death.

    "Wally was a part of this," Prodanovich said. "He wanted to make this a big thing."

    Potts' widow, Viola, and his daughter, Lynda Manganelli, have a collection of Bottom Scratchers memorabilia that the two treasure as a lasting memory of a man whose club name was "One Long Dive." Included in the collection is a book that has pictures and biographies of each member, the club oath, rituals, articles and more.

    The club members believed in quality over quantity and never wanted too many members. They believed in being good sportsmen, maintaining good physical condition throughout the year by year-round diving, being excellent divers, doing everything possible to prevent the waste of sea life and helping others appreciate the "wonders of the sea."

    One of their main themes was that they were "to commit no act that will reflect adversely on the grand spirit of goggle fishermen."

    "They stopped competing in dive meets because they saw others bringing back small fish to the beach," Viola Potts said.

    Initiation included such feats as bringing back to the beach a horn shark that had to be taken by hand, no spear or knife, and be witnessed by one of the other members. The new inductee then had to take one of the horns from the shark and wear it on his diving suit.

    The new member also had to bring to the surface three abalone, taken with one breath and without the use of fins. And he had to bring up a legal lobster.

    Viola Potts was a favorite model of Boren, the photographer who went on to work on the television series "Sea Hunt" and movies such as "The Spy Who Loved Me." The Bottom Scratchers had stunt roles in the series and

    the film.

    Wally Potts earned his Bottom Scratcher name of "One Long Dive."

    "Wally was the first to record shallow-water blackout," Viola Potts said. "I was there that day and saw it. I had a dream about it beforehand."

    Viola Potts said her husband was chasing a yellowtail at the time, and was about to give up when he blacked out. Prodanovich was on his paddleboard above and knew Wally Potts was underwater too long.

    "Jack saw him floating and got him up and had to pound on his back to bring him back to life," Viola said.

    It was bonds like that one that formed the heart and soul of the Bottom Scratchers.

    If anyone has any questions or would like to speak with me please do not hesitate to contact me by PM, email or by phone (619) 804-3190.

    Thanks again for all the support!
    Todd Jack Prodanovich & Wally Potts coming in from a successful hunt at Childrens Pool in La JollaAttached ImagesThat's right guys! This is a three day event where a diver can only enter ONE fish, not stringer of small fish. This is responsible spearfishing, selectively choosing one fish and one fish only for the event. In their (Jack & Wally's) time events like this never existed and the first major ONE fish meet that I am aware of happening was the LB Neptunes Bluewater Meet, but this event is even more selective since there is only one species that will count and that is the white seabass and it's head must be donated to science (Hubb's) and if you would like the otoliths back HSRI will send them back to you. Thanks for bringing up that point Bill.
    Todd I wanted to post a quick note that Gabe (NakedG on Speraboard) Wheeler of The Naked Cafe has graciously stepped up to sponsor The JACK and will be catering the event for us at his cost. We will be serving white Seabass and once Gabe determines what the menu will be I will post it on this thread. If you are in San Diego please support Gabe and his three locations (Pt. Loma, Carsbad an Solona Beach), his food is delicious. We are very STOKED to have Gabe's generous support and sponsorship for this event.
    ToddI also want to thank John Haffner who has graciously donated the 5 trophies that will mark the 1st Annual Jack Prodanovich WSB Open. John contacted me out of the blue and like others has come to demonstrate the heart and soul of this event and what a great tribute it will be to Jack.

    Kevin Sakuda of Hammerhead Spearguns has also been an amazing help in promoting and sponsoring this event. Please check out the official site of the Jack Prodanovich White Seabass Open. We will be showcasing with pictures all the great donations we are recieving from the industry and individuals. We will also be listing all the participants in our Honor Roll for the event and plan on posting pictures of everyone that submits a fish for the event and science.

    Thanks again to all of you, it has been an amazing experience working with the Prodanovich Family, HSWRI and my club the San Diego Freedivers in putting this event together. Your support and stoke has been incredible.


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    Try this link and see if it loads?
    The first one isn't working...

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    Thats just nuts!! they could be speared

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