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    I give, need more help 97 gp 1200

    So I fired the gp up today ran kinda rough smoothed out when it revved a little, ran for about 4-5 minutes on the hose. I then pulled plugs two outside looked wet and nice center looked like it had graphite on it I then checked compression still 120 across the board. When i had it running I noticed the fron carb had more gas then the other two and the opposite end was flowing just a hair less then the front one and the center seemed to be slacking all the way around. I wonder if the low speed adjuster could have been the culprit. The original was stuck so I got one with a t on it and it was a little short but looked the same I thought. I had planned on switching the low speed adjuster and on the second and 3rd carb but once I pulled it out (the t one) I noticed it had been grooved near the tip like someone put a pipe cutter on it and spun it around... Then i lost the thing so i can't even take a picture of it. Any thoughts about this perdicament?

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    the groove is usually from someone over tightening the needle

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    thought you were suppose to go all the way in then back it out

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    that is correct! but a common mistake is to overtighten them while going in!

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    would the low side cause it to lean out enough to start canabalizing itself?

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    I'm not sure I quite understand what is going on with yours? I also can't remember if you went thru your carbs and checked popoff?

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    no didnt check pop off, i did replace the pump parts (diaphram seals)

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    Did yours look like the last one , note that was for a diferent motor cause I couldn't find my good plug chart
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    doesnt look like any of those, it looks like someone took a little thing of graphite and lightly sprayed it over the spark plug... also pulled the head but didnt see any scoring

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    The graphite looking material has me puzzled. Your compression is still good, which is a good thing. In most cases if your lean on the low speed circuit its just going to stall before any damage is going to take place. Got any pics of with the head removed & of the spark plug?

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