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    WTB: Piston, Jug, Rings..for 95 Polaris

    I have a '95 polaris and I blew a piston..I'm looking for a working jug, piston, rings, and possibly gaskets if they are still in working order...It needs to be the jug piston etc closest to the rear of the jet ski, believe it has to be the same setup otherwise it might not work?? Lemme know what you have need it soon..


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    Doesn't matter were on the engine they come from,More important is what size bore and piston do you have now? Std. or oversize? Normally it's marked on the top of the piston,unless it's destroyed. If so take the jug to a madhine shop and have them checked. Alot of guys have parts,just have to know size. What cause the problem?

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    It is standard size, not overbored. Not totally sure what caused it yet because ive been riding it a few times this year and one day it just started bogging down and I took it off the water and stuff and checked it out and found a nice hole in the piston...hopefully I can get all the stuff from one person like a piston from its original jug would be nice. Thanks.

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    I've got one. STD size complete cyl.

    Have you checked the carb filters?

    Have you replaced the fuel hoses? If so, did you re-install the restrictor inside the fuel hose?

    Leak down test the engine. May have bad crank seals or gasket. (most likely the cause)

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