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    Oil filter cap o-ring price...

    I'm changing tghe oil on the Sea-Doos this weekend. I figure I would get the three o-rings since I will be an hour from a dealer when I do the service. Always better to be safe. Well I got the two o-rings but the dealer was out of stock on the other one. So I went to another dealer.

    I needed to get the #420850500 o-ring. I went to go pay and the total was $20.96. How can these o-rings be $10.48 each?

    Did I get raped or what?

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    Yep, we don't call them stealers for nothin'

    Remeber those o-rings have a ruber compound that contains the vital PWC metal Unobtainium.

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    They are a little cheaper here from Jerry,


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