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    FS 800 HX conversion project

    Guys, I am interested in letting go of my 95 HX Conversion ski project. Here's what I got:
    95 HX in fair condidition. Someone spray-painted the hull below the bondline with black spraypaint. It doesn't look like they even prepped the gelcoat so would probably come off with a little elbow grease and chemicals. Also has a 3 inch section by the hood hinge where the gel coat cracked by where the hood attaches. I was planning on doing custom paint so it wasn't a big deal for me. Ski is in Tampa FL, no trailer.

    Ski comes with:

    R+D Rideplate
    R+D Grate
    Worx sponsons
    Swirl prop (new condition) of unknown pitch and factory pump.
    Drop nozzle
    UMI Steering
    800 engine bracket
    Splash Guard
    Coffman Pipe (only pipe that is supposed to fit with conversion bracket).
    Tiny Tach
    Ski still has complete 720 electronics.
    Seat has solid seat mount.
    I will also throw in a pair of 787 cases from water ingested motor (will require some cleanup to reuse, core balance shaft, rear engine bridge, and flywheel cover/case, exhaust manifold, stock intake and good 720 starter.
    Ski also has new carrier bearing assembly.
    I have a set of stock 787 carbs that are in pieces (needs to be cleaned and rebuilt) that I will throw in.

    To finish this ski you would need, 800 electronics, 800 long block plus carbs and filters(or rebuild this set). Water injection highly recommended with this pipe.

    $1500 obo, I will consider trades such as my ski + cash for your RXP, or maybe even 1300GPR, or straight up for a GP1200R hull for a swap conversion. Pics below:

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    I'm all out of favors!!
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    Still have the HX? I might be able to get you a gp1200r hull. Do you have title, and do you need a title for Yamaha? And no it's not stolen.

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