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    Any New RXP-X purchases??

    anyone getting a good deal on a RXP-X??? OTD??? I really want one but I don't want to look back 1-3 months from now and feel like I got the Shaft!! Any dealers in Central Florida you guys might recommend! I have a guy to claim to beat anybodys price I bring him!!!

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    tell him you know someone that got $8,000

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    If he fell for that it would be great!! But I don't think so!!

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    Deal up from 11,299 which is dealer invoice or close to it I believe. Do a search there are hundreds of posts about prices. As a reference, in MD I purchaced a p-x for 11,800 with cover + tax + tags. No other fees.


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    Come down under to Western Australia....
    Here you can expect to pay Aus $23,500 for your P-X.
    Admittedly that includes your trailer (on the road and ready to go).

    You guys in the states have got it good. With the slight difference between our dollars, if I were there I'd have a P and a T.
    One for the ocean chop and one for the track.
    With around 45 hours on my P-X I can recomend this ski to anyone considering buying a good allrounder.

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