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    How to bypass oil sender for pre-mix SL780

    I have a 96 SL780 and want to go to pre-mix. I have installed a block off plate, removed all of the injection parts except the oil sender that has wires going to the CDI box.????

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    You can do a couple things to prevent the oil buzzer or light from coming on. 1. leave the oil tank full and sender hooked up. 2. tie the sender in the "full" position. 3 install a 33 ohm resistor in the elec box between the sender wires to fool the ski into thinking it's full of oil. This is the preferred method.

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    Do I just hook the two wires together with the resistor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac5900 View Post
    Do I just hook the two wires together with the resistor?
    Disconnect the wires inside the electrical box that used to go forward to the sender in the oil tank (if you still have the tank installed).

    Connect the 33 ohm resistor in series between the two connections/wires that used to go to the oil sender unit. Crimp or solder it in place.

    Put some waterproofing (silicone, or heat shrink tubing, etc) on the resistor and crimp connections, just to keep it reliable. Make sure it cannot short against anything else inside the box, and is a solid electrical connection.

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    to prevent shorting you can just use liquid electrical tape. Works very good.

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