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    15f 10 hour inspection

    Dealer told me the 10hr inspection is required to maintain warranty. Its $125 for a diagnostic check plus $90 for oil change.

    Does anyone know if this is correct???

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    The $90 oil change sounds like a fair price these days but they got you where they want on the check. IMO the check is NOT necessary to retain warranty. Just a gimmick to make more money off you.

    I had my dealer tell me I needed to buy the GTP warranty the day I purchased mine or I would get stuck paying for a ful inspection ($300) If I choose to do so at a later date. Totally false!

    You can do all maintenance yourself just document and follow owners manual. Make sure you keep all reciepts and your warranty will not void.

    Good luck with the new ski!
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    thats what I thought, the manual says nothing about a 10 hr diagnostic check, is a first 10 oil change a good idea. keep in mind i have 5 years of my warranty remaining

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    Doing an oil change will cost you $20 in oil and $8 filter.

    Easy to do if you have a oil sucker. Those cost about a $99 for a good one. Then you can always do your oil changes yourself. Kawi will except proof of purchase of items if you bought the oil and filter from a dealer and they were Kawasaki items. ie the Kawi 4 stroke oil and filter. Just save your reciepts.

    No diagnostic needed as per the Service Manuel. That there labor for checking bolts and petting your ski.

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    Just purchased a 15f. Put about 5 hours on it. According to the manual, there is a 10 hr. check of nut, bolts, hoses and clamps. The first oil change is at 50 hr. To me, the question should really be; do you trust this dealer?

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    50hr for first oil change ....not this cat

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    The dealer I deal with said the 10 check is something you can do but its nothing more than checking and retorquing mounts and such and if you feel there is something you believe might be a problem. change the oil at the end of the season ... thats about it. sounds like the dealer your dealing with might not be on the up and up.. so to speak

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