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    Jet Ski racing is for girls too

    Jet ski racing’s for girls too

    By Matthew Yates,

    Thursday 24th April, 2008 Posted: 16:30 CIT (21:30 GMT)
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    With race days held year round, jet ski riders have to stay ready. Their wave runners have to be properly tuned, the money needs to be in hand and the rider has to be in top shape.
    All that preparation can be a lot to handle for a young man. Imagine how much tougher it is for a young female rider.
    For Alexi Williams, it’s all part of the thrill of parting the waters in her wave runner on a sunny day.
    “I really enjoy jet ski racing. I love the water and it’s the perfect combination of water and sports.”
    Williams is a rarity in the sport. One of roughly five girls, she was also part of a race team called Halfway Pond Racing along with close friend and fellow rider Kim Arch.
    Now on her own, Williams has taken part in two races so far this year. The first was the East End Surf Challenge in late January and the other was the Grand Slam competition in February.
    Williams is only 17 and has been racing competitively for just a year. But she has loved the water from an early age.
    Williams, who was raised in Cayman, grew up with Jeremy Thompson. Thompson is a local rider who is actively involved in many races. Young Alexi watched him prepare and practice around the island. Soon she gained an interest for the sport as well.
    The progression from observer to racer was no surprise for her family. Williams was drawn to the water from her childhood. Her father owned a boat and the two spent many hours together out on the Cayman waters.
    The daughter of Ashley and the late Shane Williams, Alexi has always had a love for sports. In school, her passion led her to compete in swimming, football, rugby and netball. All the while those activities couldn’t satisfy her adrenaline addiction.
    In fact, her need for speed was so strong that Williams brushed off any concerns about gender and got into jet ski racing when she was 15. In spite of the perception of the sport being just for guys, Williams forged ahead down the road to being a serious competitor.
    However, that road has been anything but smooth. As there are only a handful of girls in the sport, there is no division for women. Thus, she has had to compete with the boys in almost all her races.
    “Boys don’t take the idea of girls racing with them well. They try hard against girls and that makes it extra rough for me.”
    Moreover, Williams has taken her fair share of knocks along the way. She says she has fell off her wave runner many times and has suffered bruises, sprains and a busted mouth. Furthermore, her jet ski suffered serious damage in her last race.
    Nevertheless, Williams does not make excuses for her setbacks.
    “Certain girls feel they shouldn’t race with the boys. I don’t care. If I beat them then that’s something for me to brag about. If you really want to race then that shouldn’t be an issue.”
    Williams works hard to avoid competitors thinking she is weak. She trains with her jet ski on Sunday afternoons in South Sound and goes to the gym regularly to build muscle, improve her upper body strength and stay fit.
    “One of my biggest challenges is staying fit and practising. Guys have a natural advantage as they have more muscles.
    “In the beginning, I fell off the wave runner a lot because I wasn’t fit. The more you race I find the more fit you become.”
    Financial matters are also a challenge. It‘s easy to see why with equipment such as wetsuits, gloves and helmets to buy. Plus there’s gas, race entrance fees and jet ski repairs to think about.
    Luckily, her mother has been extremely supportive. She takes care of all the paperwork and financial issues for Alexi.
    “My mom is very supportive of me. She pushed me forward in the sport and got me the wave runner, equipment and the sponsors. She makes everything a lot easier for me.”
    Williams says her commitment to jet ski racing has not gone unnoticed by the public. She has had several parents asking her how they can get their child to follow in her footsteps.
    In the end, Williams says it is all about children not being afraid of racing and having the support of their parents.
    “Girls, don’t be afraid of the guys. I know a lot of you might feel embarrassed if you fall and make mistakes. Remember, jet ski racing is a sport to enjoy.
    “Also don’t do it for the money. Almost all the money you earn goes right back into the wave runner anyway. Parents: don’t force the child. If they want to do it, they’ll say so.
    “The bottom–line is if you don’t enjoy the rush of going fast on the water then don’t get into it.”
    For Williams, that rush hits her every time she is in the water. Whether racing or training, she’ll always stand ready to prove jet skis are not just for men.

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    “Girls, don’t be afraid of the guys."

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    one of the main reasons I used to race was for the girls!!!

    Oops... maybe I misundertood the meaning for this thread!!

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    It is good to see girls in such adventurous games. I’m not talking about all coz I know the girls or boys having zeal. get involved in such games not everyone.

    Racing girls

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    I see as many girls as guys riding here in Niagara Falls. Some of them are CRAZY!!! I just wish my wife would actually ride with me... she loves the boat but didn't speak to me for nearly a full week when I bought the Ski.

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    chicks dig loud exhausts.....proven fact...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetdave56 View Post
    chicks dig loud exhausts.....proven fact...
    loud doesnt always equal fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Region8Ultra250X View Post
    loud doesnt always equal fast.
    who said it did....

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    loud is always better

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