just bought used 2005 rxp and rxt, 1st time out the rxt's washers went.. w/ 10.2 hours on it. it only will run 6450 rpm's and 52 mph. so its at the dealers having the new metal washers installed w/ the 08 SC kit i think? and having the engine pulled and oil pumps checked for scoring and replaced if necessary.. haha theyre definetly not under warranty so this is an expensive fix.. my question is that does anything else need to be replaced or checked while the motor is out (this is all being done at the local dealership which we are reasonably confient in and have a good relationship with). I heard something about the timing chain breaking but there would be engine failure if that happened right?? any advice would help guys so we can be aware of what to look for... oh and this forum kicks a$$ just to be clear haha