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    Did I make a mistake?

    I recently bought my first ski, a Yamaha VX 110 Deluxe. I liked it for the reliability and stability. After reading the forums for a few days it sounds to me that the people with the GP's and GPR's are the ones that have all of the fun.

    Did I make a mistake? Are GP's and R's that much more fun? I will primarily be riding at the lakes in AZ (Bartlett, Pleasant Saguaro). The water gets pretty rough on the weekends because of the crowds. I might head over to Parker or Havasu a few times a year.

    Looks like I might be buying my second ski sooner than I thought. (Let my wife have the VX 110) Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    If you were happy with the VX before you read the forums, you didn't make a mistake. Only you can determine if you're happy

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    The vx will be a reliable and use less fuel then the gpr.... the gpr is faster and more easily modded.

    Enjoy the VX for your wife and start looking for a GPR for yourself Sometimes I wish I had a VX just to cruise around with wife on

    Besides while your doing all the mods to the GPR you will need a backup ski to ride

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    welcome to the forum!

    the vx is the king of rental skis, that thing will run a long time, cheap....

    hey with gas prices going the way they are, you might be the only one having fun soon

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    A second ski is always a good thing!

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    thats a great ski,we have many rental motors here with over 650 hrs
    later cd

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    You have other riders in AZ that you can try other skis...

    It's all about fun, so whatever makes you happy, then that is the ski to have.

    I will tell you this... there are about ten gazillion rental VX110's around here. So if yours is stock looking, make sure to keep your eye on it at all times.

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