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Thread: Fuel Leak?

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    Fuel Leak?

    I just uncovered mine last week to take to the dealer for all the recall stuff. When I uncovered my ski, I could smell gas and could see where it had run down the sides into the foot wells. I open the front storage hatch and removed the storage bucket and the gasket on the bucket just fell off and was saturated with gas. After looking closer, gas had ran into this area also. Everywhere it leaked there where streaks. When it streaked down the sides, it damaged the decals and stained the mats on both sides. When I winterized it last winter, I filled it with gas and made sure not to over fill, so I know it was not that. I took it to the dealer, he covered all the damage under warranty, and said it was not over filled, and he was going to contact Kawasaki to see if there is any problem with the vent valve. Has anyone heard of a problem like this?

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    I have not heard of this problem happening to anyone else, but, the "vent valve" or more formally the check valve (one way valve) allows air INTO the tank, but not out. I talked about this somewhere else here.

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    Wow I never heard of anything like this...I also just took mine out of storage last week and all was good no leaks of any kind

    Is there any chance it could have been vandalism ?

    maybe some punk was jealous and doused it with gasoline ?

    Just a thought

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