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Thread: Fuel Problem?

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    Fuel Problem?

    I took my RXP out and it had some hesitation when I got on it and when just Idle. I figure it was just some old gas...cause its been a while I usually use STABIL fuel treatment but I might not have put enough I had half a tank then I filled it up with fresh fuel so half fresh half old! any ways I ran almost all the fuel out till I only had One bar left or less and this weekend it did the same but not as bad! with a full tank of fresh fuel. any fuel treatment products u guys might recomend? Oh and is it me or is that fuel seems to run out faster!..Damn gas prices!!!!!!

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    Try it again after filling up the tank. Hopefully it will be better with fresh fuel running though the system. You could also take a look at your spark plugs. Perhaps its time to replace them? No EXPERT here, just thinking out loud. Good luck!
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