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    Check your leaf springs

    Last weekend I had a leaf spring break in half and fall off my trailer while making a 4 hour trip. Luckily it happened within a few miles of my first stop. When the spring broke, the frame fell onto the axle, which caused the tire to eat through the top of the plastic fender. Not pretty. Fortunately Brandon (97GPSLEEPER) had an old trailer that allowed us to pirate the spring.

    Which brings me to my point - the spring off Brandon's trailer was cracked in the same place as my old spring, right where the hole is drilled for the locating pin. I never imagined this could happen, and I'm fortunate something terrible didn't happen.

    Get up underneath your trailers and check for this. Tip - if you own an EZ Loader trailer, don't even bother trying to source the springs locally. Nobody has them. You have to order from the dealer, get raped on the price, and then pay for shipping.

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    1 has a large selection of trailer springs, if the EZ Loader trailer use some one off springs, all you have to do is move the trailer spring hangers. This would involve cutting, welding, and squaring.

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    In a pinch most Tractor Supply stores carry parts for trailers,springs,wheels,hitches,etc...

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