ok i have a 2004 RXP

1:riva power filter
2ump wedge (should i leave on or off)???
3:top loader intake grate
4:solas 15/19 impeller
5:riva por series o.p.a.s block offs

i ran 69.8 and i think if i played with it more i could have gotten 70 mph but i only did 2 passes and the best was 69.8 gps on full tank

soon i will have a rive supercharger impeller and riva power coller and rotax thru hule exhaust and i have ported my rear intake and i have done green hulks water box mod im just woundering what kind of gain will i get off of what of what i have done and also what kind of gains will i get off of what i havent done

p.s. i still havernt filled or smoothed over my ride plate hole or anything of the sort trust me i could do that great i do body work on cars and boat as do paint work so i could make it like glass

thanks tommy