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    Dose anyone know of any laws that prohibit the racing of pwc's on a public waterway?
    I did not find anything, thaught that someone on this forum may be better at researching than i am, and may have found something.

    Just looking for others findings.


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    It doesn't matter what the laws where I am say. Where are you located?

    You need to look at state, county, and local city laws where the body of water is located.

    If you received a ticket start by looking up the code cited on the ticket, usually the information can be found on the issuing agencies website.

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    I am located in Florida. I have not had a ticket for racing, and I could not find anything that said we could not. I just wanted to see what everyone elese knows.

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    Simply call the department that oversees/patrols the waters. I have called the Environmental Police in Mass regarding certain things including racing and they were more than helpful.
    The following day I ended up meeting the agent. He was looking over my ski for marine life and vegetation and asking me what bodies of water I have been on when I noitce my name on the notebook and asked him about that. He asked if it was me, I said yes. He replied today would not be a good day to go fast.
    He asked if he could take the RXT out for a spin after his shift....

    Also if its on the ocean check with the USCG they have rules too.

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