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    Power loss

    Got a 06 aquatrax w/ macs stage II kit. Put some 103 octane fuel in it and it is running bad. Thought the higher octane gas would help it any ideas on the problem?? One other think. Any companys make a programmer to raise rev limiter or would this cause trouble. Thanks

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    Check your plugs, there is a good chance you have a fouled one/two. You did not say what kind of 103 octane you used. There are very specific blends that need to be suited to the application.
    I have seen people running 100LL Avgas in Hi-Revving 2 strokes, not realizing the flame speed it set for aircraft engines that only turn a max of 2500 RPM. BTW 100 LL Avgas is only 98 octane when used as a motorfuel on land and has a higher specific density than Gasoline/racegas [will run rich].

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