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    Help - Non-responsive '03 SC Steering Issue ...

    '03 GTX 4-Tec SC steering seems very sluggish/non-responsive. When I try to turn in either direction the ski seems to want to run straight - almost to the point that I have to really turn the handlebars and lean my body weight to force the ski to turn. Extremely awkward - seemed like I could only make long lazy turns @ 45 mph unless I really cranked handlebars at lower speeds.

    Just picked up the ski used w/129 hrs on her - had the SC rebuilt but not back on the ski yet - and could only get 45mph on the dreamometer before the rebuild. Could lack of power and badly slipping SC clutch have this effect?

    Ski still has the OEM OPAS on her - do I need to check or realign this? No pump change or wedge as of yet. After reviewing the board I am thinking I may need to check/realign front steering - but is there anything else I should check too?

    Anyone else had similar problems or know what may be out of whack here? Thanks for the help guys!

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    Congrats on your purchase, the cable might be broke, sometimes it will turn one way but not the other? Have you checked your pump steering nozzel? Have someone hold the Nozzel and you turn the steering, see if it move one way or the other, if it does not move the nozzel, replace the cable. Also check the cable, if it is a thick cable replace it, it will go bad soon enuff!!!, Also check the steering nozzle bushing's, they brake and cause steering lose, also check to see if the steering nozzel bolts are in the nozzel!!!

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