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    '03 Honda F-12X lacking performance

    I recently purchased a used 2003 F-12X with 160 hours on it. It's super clean and appeared to be a well taken care of unit so I thought what the heck? I also own a 2003 Yamaha FX140 that I recently installed a Riva Stage 1 rpm kit (a nice add on by the way). A friend of mine has a stock 2004 F-12X as well and I really liked the performance. I have had his dreamometer to 70 mph (accurate? probably not) but definitely in the mid 60s on any given day. My new addition F-12X only achieves 55 mph (58 on glass and in perfect conditions) it runs and sounds great, rides smooth but I cant seem to get the speed or the holy crap - hang on sensation that the Honda turbo ski is known for on take off (or the performance of my friends stock 04 for that matter). Since my friend and I have such similar skis, we started swapping parts to try and figure out what the problem is with my ski. I immediately replaced the plugs (we all know how proud NGK is of their iridium plugs). I then found that the wastegate control solenoid on my ski was not functioning. I did the swap with the 04s functioning solenoid but it made no difference in performance. I have also verified that the turbo is spinning and the wastegate is functioning as well. I am also sure to be running on 93-octane fuel. My wife liked the FX140 so I let her have it thinking the Honda is a faster ski but shes doggin me out there and my friends 04 F-12X is plenty faster than the FX140. Regardless of what lies the dreamometers are dishing out, its for sure Im by far the slow ski on the water. To summarize, I'm getting my a*s handed to me by another stock F-12X and slightly tuned FX140. I have considered taking it to the not so local dealership but the near 2-week turn over time is ridiculous, besides I have a garage full of tools. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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    2004 f12x turbo

    i have a 2004 with the same problems cannot figure out wats wrong dealer is useless did you ever get yur 03 fixed

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    Put a boost gauge on it and see if it is getting up to 12.8 PSI [full boost].

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    A stock F12X should run approx. a true 59 mph at approx. 6,000 rpm +/-

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