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    Stupid GPR-RTX question

    I am new to the site and have found it to be extremely helpful. Have had several pm's to Jerry answered very quickly and he has been very helpful.

    So last night I was procrastinating instead of studying for a test I need to take and read every page on Shebby's GTRTX build. All ~38 pages. I was very facinated. Also looked at Jerry's build and some of the you tube videos.

    Okay here is the stupid question. Why the conversion? Is the GPR hull superior? The main reason I ask is a couple of weeks ago I basically gave away a 2007 1100 and 2007 1200 to a local shop. I also bought a 2004 GTX SC with 25 hours at a really great price from the shop owner.

    So I am guessing I didn't realize the value of the Yamaha hulls. The new owner asked me if I thought it was his b-day? (Seems to be a really great guy btw) But I really needed my 2 ski trailer.

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    welcome to the forum. Your just an hour from me also.

    I too am building a conversion. Hydrotoys has a very good how to pics on thsi also as well as a whole bunch of other guys in the "conversion" section of the forum. the GPR hull is really efficient in the water. coupled with the awesome power of the 4-tec powerplant and it makes for a very fast PWC.

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    RX 951,

    Thanks for the welcome. I live in Katy and have a place on Lake Conroe. I used to live near you before kids, over in clear lake. But that was years ago when I used to rent waverunners on Clear Lake and ownership was only a dream.

    I trust you must have an affinity for the RX 951. I just traded in my RXDI with an RXT plus some cash for the RXT-X. It really broke my heart to trade in the "little bumble bee". I'll never forget when I came home with it and my wife said, "a 2 seater, you got a 2 seater? I thought you were going to get a 3 seater!" (My other hobby is collecting kids - got 5 of them)

    I spent a lot of time, maybe a couple of hours at Hydrotoys looking at pictures and reading.

    Maybe some day after I finish my car restorations,...home remodeling,...kid raising,...

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    yeppers, I've been a Doo guy since 1991 Out of all the Doos, the 2001RX was my favorite.
    Congrats on your purchase of the RXT-X !! beautiful machine ! I too have kiddos. 3 girls. the wife and I have a 2004 and a 2006 RXP. And my GPR sits with a vacant hull waiting for winter to come so I can do the conversion.

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    I am a former member of the 3 girls club, I know it well (have 4 now & a boy).

    I understand the facination with the RX. I used to lust for the RXX. Anyone on this site have one?

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