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    How much leaner did my cylinder get w/o an F/A on it?

    I FINALLY got to run my GPR today. This is my second GPR and the second GPR I have modified one to run 70 mph. Not much of an accomplishment by today's standards but I don't want to wrench all the time anymore, either.

    After 5-6 speed runs, I trailered it and went home and discovered my #3 carb Riva (K and N) Flame arrestor fell off. I removed my pipe and discovered the adaptor mount fell off with it and #1 and #2 were coming loose. DOH! I didn't threadlock the screws and I didn't put a thin layer of ultra black on the adaptor mounts this time before tightening on the flame arrestors. I don't know WHEN the #3 fell off. Could have been first run could have been the last run. Otherwise I did a lot of idling and running at 30-40 mph.
    I don't how much extra air got in there, but I am glad I didn't go subbing today, either.

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    u r fine bro

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    i dont think you ran it with out the f/a long enough,
    cause last time i replaced the accelerator pump on my bro's gpr i didnt put back the air box and it ran lean it took out a cylinder in less than 20 min of riding

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    you wouldn't run to lean like an air leak because the filters are above that carb as are the adapters
    but your lucky you didn't sub lol

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