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    Will This Ever End??

    Lets hear you stories about places, events, youve been trapped in and wanted to go out on your doo, but couldnt. Mine was yesterday, we got a rare day of beautiful weather, we had a Fathers Day BBQ at the house I'm thinking a couple of hours and folks will split and I'll be able to get a hour or so on the doo, BUT NOOOOOOOOO, the relatives have to stay around and yap, time is ticking, and the wives are talking about stupid stuff, by the time they left, it was nearly dark. I spent the last 3 hours watching the clock, and my opportunity dwindle hoping someone would leave and cause a trickle effect. I know it sounds selfish but I need my doo fix. Theres got to be stories out there. lets hear them.

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    Streap Throat Spiked a temp of 101 and slept the weekend! People calling you up to go ride! First weekend I missed since the end of March

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    Last week of July until first week of Sept, temps in the 100's, sunny, no rain, it was 2003 and I had one of the first sc failures before sea doo had the clutch upgrade and during that time sea doo issued the no synthetic oil service bulletin. The ski was in the shop for almost 6 weeks.

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    Pulled the pump off of the GTX late saturday night to inspect the wear ring (needs a new one again), and lost one of the damn nuts that goes on the pump support studs. Wife had to go without her ski on sunday. She can be a bit of a puss, and has been leary of riding the RXP. Faced with sitting on the dock all day, or riding the RXP, she rode it for the first time sunday. When she got back a half a tank of fuel later, her first words were "why didn't we get two of these!" lol

    At least I got to ride my ski a little bit. But I see problems in the future of being religated to kid hauling on the gtx.

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    What I got for father's day was absolutely awesome and not to be revealed on a forum that censors the F and S words.

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