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    another prop pitch and r ?

    If your runing a prop which is a little steep...and your motor is running a couple three hundred r's below optimum...

    What's your motor doing to run as best as it can...specifically...will the exhaust temps come up if you run for a long period of time?

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    It's just not making as much power as it could be. The 4-tec SC picks up about 5-8 hp from 7800 to 8100 rpm.


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    I ain't sure what I should be asking...would a 30* increase in ambient air temp drop my r's a 100 as well as a mph?...or more likely...have I screwed up in mounting my skegs to the plate?

    I just checked my skeg alignment...they look about as good as I can make them...they're parallel even if they are a .03125 of an inch wider than 5.5" apart....

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