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    Rat boat going together

    I'm building a ski from left overs and have everything I need. Here is whats going in what.
    97 GS hull and stock mpem
    720 ported (medum height)motor from hx with rad flywheel and rossier head(pump gas domes)
    UMI bars and finger throttle
    So far so good, here's where I'm going to really screw it up.

    WCM single intake manifold with single massaged 44 mikuni. Old school Mariner 2 piece pipe that looks just like to old Rossier pipes they ran with that 780 big bore kit for the 720 years ago.

    I used to have a jetting sheet for a single 44 on a warmed up 580 motor with the westcoast pipe and now can't find it. I'm thinking for a baseline that jetting would get me within 5 or so on the size jet I need.
    I think it was:
    150 main 120/125 pilot 2.5 needle and seat and 95 grm sprg

    If anybody has any input on this let me know. I'll be slapping her together in a couple days. I'm curious how the single 44 will do on that ported motor. I have been able to get the Yamaha's to really pull hard with a single 44 setup, but a Rv motor is a different beasty.

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    A 46 would work better on the 720 & your jetting is just about right.

    Single carb Seadoos have killer bottom end,great for surf riding the throttle response is awesome.

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    It's actually that red 720 motor I bought from Doogie. Should be a screamer, it looks like it was ported farily well. I was woundering about the 46. I have a what I think is an older Buckshot modified 46. It is a silver body carb with the purple ring already on the top to mount a F/A. I think these older Bucks and Novi's needed alot of pilot jetting to get them to hit hard. I might try that, the intake is big enough for it. It's amazing all the junk I have collocted over the years that I have found by cleaning out the garage. I think this old 46 was on one of my old Superjets.

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