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    rotax 158 degree thermostat???

    i dont see why it would matter but im just checking would it hurt anything to put the RR 158 thermo on my ski i have the riva power cooler on the way and i am installing the thru hall this week and also im getting my buddys old riva supercharger impeller since he up graded to the high boost

    also would it matter witch ecu i use i dont race and theyboth for the stockclass & the racing ecu are the same price so why not get the better one right

    thanks tommy

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    its only gonna run cooler and better thats all, stock ecu or rotax stock class will be fine

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    ok so fine to have that but yes i know the stock ecu will be fine for what i have but i plan on upgrading to the high boost impeller down the road and i know i dont need the racing ecu for that

    but i mainly want to know how much of a gain is there from the stock class ecu & the racing ecu either way i will get one of them im just woundering if it would hurt anything with the racing ecu being i dont have alot of work done

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    a much larger percentage of us have the racing ECU over the stock class ECU.

    the difference.... couldn't tell ya. the guys with the stock class will tell u they are the best, and those with racing ecus will tell u those are the best.

    until someone tests both of them back to back i won't say a word.,.. but back to back testing is unlikely bc the ECUs marry the throttle bodies of whatever ski they are inititally put on.

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