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    gp electric problem

    That saga continues the motor is in and I am trying to start it. I have the box wide open right now and am trying different test to rule out possible problems

    I checked the start switch whith ohm meter and it beeps (my ohm meter) the dash is doing nothin meanwhile) when i push the start button and I also did that test on the stop switch with the same results so I am confident its not in the switch,

    i also followed those wires into the box and checked them in the box with the same results, beeps when pressed. Next test I jump across two main bolts on solenoid and the motor cranks,

    I then hooked a wire from the positive battery post to the hot little wire on the solenoid it cranks,

    Next I pulled the two litte wire loose on the solenoid and touched them toogether as the same time I held and ohm meter to the two big post on top.... got nothing,

    When the two litte wires are touched together isnt this suppose to complete the circuit and let all hell break loose?

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    Ok, I decided I am an idiot. After stepping away from problem for a minute I started thinking about the extra wire on top of the solenoid and just put it all together that power has to go up to start switch and when the button is pressed comes back down to the solenoid and thats what makes it run. In short I switched the lead that goes to the battery and the starter. When I get home I will confirm but I am 99% sure thats my problem. Won't know till I get home and see.... thanks for all the input I do need some help with fuel line routing in a bit if someone can see where the fuel water seperator hooks to.

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    don't you have the free manual? I know you said you had some messed up wiring I was just looking and it should help u also it shows routing of fuel lines Z

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    I got the manual you posted on my other thread but it doesnt really show me much... doesnt really show where the lines are suppose to start and end, I actually still have some screwy wiring up front but I think I have the back figured out

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    well my xl 1200's are similiar if u need a pic or somthing let me know

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