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    does this seem right

    ok i have a 04 rxp some what moded i have done the revers grate mod cold air kit from rive intake grate 2 degree pump wedge solas 14/19 impeller pro opas block offs and on a full tank of gas and it was trimmed 2 bars down from the top i got 69.8 gps @8100 does that sound right or should i be running faster or what

    but the main thing im woundering is where can i get the black pad thats between the handle bars and also a black grab handle

    and is green hulks water box mod to much for my ski like it is or will i need more up grades i havent put my riva throw hull on yet its pulled apart now im prolly going to put it on tomorrow

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    rpm's are right on but the speed seems a little low, was your wear ring ok when you put the prop in?? might wanna start lookin there, you should be breaking 70 if you are below 1000 feet or so, if you live in a high elevation you may be running as good as you can, how is teh acceleration??

    waterbox mod wouldnt get you any speed but it will be louder,
    waterbox mod and thru hull sounds badass

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    yeah i replaced my wear ring the the same time i put on the other mods maybe thats why my speed was down

    and the waterbox mod doesnt show anymore rpms

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