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    Pump wedge question

    Is there any noticable didderence between 2.5 and 2.0 degree wedge?
    Top speed?
    I am trying to decide between riva and r&d. What do you guys prefer?

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    I think most say 2.0/RXP and 2.5/RXT

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    If this your set up:
    "2005 rxp xs intercooler, x charger, rrfpr, modded water box ,rear intake"

    I would stay from the wedge. A lot of guys are removing the wedge after making these mods. I personally have seen the results by removing the wedge, the RXP likes to porpoise no matter what the trim setting is when its running a 2.0/2.5 wedge. The RXP already has trim so it's kind of a moot issue. On the other hand (IMHO) a modified RXT tends to benefit from the 2.0 and a stock RXT a 2.5.
    This is just my own observation and preference after running back to back with the two different wedges.


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