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Thread: Changing ECU

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    Changing ECU

    I have a stock 4tec NA, The motor pulls 7200 RPMS, has anyone switched out the ECU for a few more horses and MPH? Aslo, how compairable are the stock internals between the NA and the SC or SC IC? So what is the upper limit for the motor RPMs before its pushed too hard? Thanks for your help.

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    Theres really not to much you can do in a way with a dif ecu bc, the GTX SC models and the new gen RXP/RXT ecu`s have dif fuel and ignition maps/curves for boosted engines. Even the GTX SC id dif from the RXP/RXT not only in horse power, but dif gear ratio for SC gearing, higher fuel pressure regulator, larger pump ID and prop size for starters. I`m not really sure what is avail for a stock NA ski. The GTX SC rev limits is 7650 while the RXP/RXT is 8200 RPM`s...
    Maybe someone on here could tellyou different, and maybe somewhere there is re-flashed ecu for the NA models, if alls your looking for is more RPM`s. These engines are safe to 8300-8400 RPM max...PR...

    can`t say what fuel requirements would be necc for the increased R`s for a NA ski...

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    the ECU on the NA is same rev limit as a GTX SC... pretty much everything is the same except the throttle body is in a different spot and there's no supercharger.

    you should be running that NA ski at 7550-7600 rpms.

    Rotax Racing makes an aftermarket ECU specific to the 4-tec normally aspirated machines

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    thanks for the help, i sent Rotax an email.

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