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    Intercooler With Stock Exhaust Hose

    Just wanted to know if anyone who has pics of a Riva intercooler (or any other) installed with the stock exhaust hose would be willing to post them. This part is giving me trouble.

    Thanks in advance

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    I think you have to run rear exhaust and remove the resonator to run the RIVA cooler or any cooler for that matter. But im not sure. Is this an RXP?

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    Yes this is a RXP, i have the resinator removed. Their are people who have done it, and i would just like to see some pics, so i could get some ideas.

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    The olny External Intercoolers ive seen being ran with stock exhaust hose is the XS DIU kits. I dont think you can run a Riva/Piranah kit with a stock exhaust hose.

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    I dont see why you could not use the riva with the stock exhause hose, the riva is the smallest intercooler of them all.

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    because the mount looks to be in the way of the stock exhaust exit. here's a picture of an intercooler install with the stock exhaust hose.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Thanks JFizzleJr!!

    Is their any more??

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    i am sure if you can come up with a mount like the X's above the VTS motor you could do it. ther is some one on the board that did to htis type of build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnatsum743 View Post
    Thanks JFizzleJr!!

    Is their any more??
    this is Gen I....ugly but effective.

    just picture Gen II with silicone instead of metal pipe

    look here too. I think there is at least one picture of other setups.

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