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    9 Kings at Local Poker Run

    My brother did a local poker run on his Kawi 220 dirt bike. He drew Aces and Jacks, good for a trophy.

    But he told me the guy who won 1st and 2nd claimed to be playing 2 hands, 5 Kings and 4 Kings & a Deuce. He asked me how likely could someone draw 9 Kings in a row? I asked how cards were marked at each checkpoint. He said a guy just punched the card and gave it back. No special punch, seal or signature.

    I said in those conditions, the chances of someone drawing 9 straight Kings may be good! Depends on the prizes.

    He was ticked off but I thought the experience of watching a guy with the stones to claim 9 Kings in front of a crowd would be priceless!

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    I say it was set up or he traded with other people.....

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