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    westcoast exhaust manifold

    I am installing a Factory wet pipe s/u on a sxi pro. The factory pipe style manifold water intake is similiar to a oem. I am running a westcoast style that has three inlets on it.VS the one hose on the oem. It has one in the middle and two on either side. is anyone fimilair with this s/u? I have seen this style ran with the primary feed into the middle and the two sides joined. I do not see why that would be ness. Can I just block the side inlets off? any info would be great. thanks

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    It is meant for duel cooling inputs and bridges the cooling to the pipe or waterbox depending on what else you are running.

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    Also i think the old westcoast ones are based on the 650 manifold which would rotate the head pipe around and hit the waterbox

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