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    Quick question... What do I do with this rectifier??? *EDITED*

    I got a small board with the SLT700 I bought that needed to be installed, it was like some type of overheat fuel something chip with a few wires coming off of it, not very big at all with a metal bracket attatched to it.

    If anyone knows what I'm talking about, where does this go??? Thanks.
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    I'm at work, ill try to post one when I get home.

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    Sounds like the Voltage regulator or rectifier/switch. Both attach to the circuit board in the electrical box. Both are about 2inch X 3inch,black,will have a part number on the edge opposite the metal bracket. The wires in the elec box are all color coded.

    The on line service manual will tell you what they do.

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    I'd say Casey guessed what you have but why does it need to be replaced?

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    Not sure, I started up the ski for the first time when I got it home, it had sat all winter after being fogged. Fired up after about 15 seconds of cranking total, and sounds good.

    On this part, on the baggy it came in, I remember it said like "Overheat / Low fuel" or something.

    Also another quick question, the killswitch on this thing is really wierd.. I have to pull it out and hold it out to start it, but if I let go of it it sucks the button thing right back in and kills the engine... is this normal? How do I actually keep this thing running like this?
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    That is for attaching a lanyard. It is attached to you at your wrist or onto a lifejacket and contains a u shaped piece of plastic that slides between the head of the button and the base. It is so if you fall of the ski stops instead of running away from you and maybe hurting someone else. They can be bought for about $15.00. Don't ride the ski without one attached and don't bypass it.

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    Ok, I'm home now and pulled out the identical looking little black box. Part number on the one I pulled out is LR 52-2, and the part I have new in the package that looks identical except different color wires, is LR 54-1... whats up with that??? I'm going to look and see if this is for a different model PWC or something, not sure what to do?

    The old one has cracked casing, and looks pretty grungy, but the PWC still started up fine with it in?

    Ok, more research shows the LR 52 is the rectifier? Which is the correct one for my PWC... Not sure what the LR 54 is for then, guessing the guy I got it from bought the wrong one?

    LR 54 looks to be for a SL780, and basically the rectifier just converts the voltage for battery charging purposes? Not sure if thats right, but how would I test my old one?
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