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    Thinking of Buying Used 04 RXP and 03 GTX

    The RXP has 30 hours, the GTX has 80. What kind of routine things go wrong on these motors? I have heard of the supercharger clutches going out or something to that extent. When we get them we will probably change the plugs, and maybe the oil. What other parts need replacing?

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    Cheange the plugs, oil filter, and oil like you said. Check the wear ring in the pumps to make sure they are in good shape. Keep and eye on the '03 wear ring as the pump that year was composite and flexed causing wear patters at ~3 & 9 o'clock. Possibly change the pump grease. Check the oil level well on a warm engine - no higher than mid point between the bends on the dipstick, then take them out for a run. The RPMs will be the key after that as far as health and performance unless you want to do a torque test on the supercharger clutches. RXP RPMs are ~8100 and the GTX is ~7600. If it is a hot/humid day, you could lose 100+ RPMs. Good luck and enjoy.

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