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    95 GTS REV Limiter ??? Cooling???

    Hello all I was given a 95 GTS over the weekend and I have been going over it to get it ready for the season. I have a couple questions that I hope someone can help answer. The first is does anyone know if there is a rev limiter on this ski. It starts right up and when hooked up to a hose it idles perfect. When I give it about half throttle it seem to act like it has a rev limiter. Is this normal?

    Second question is about the cooling system I noticed when hooked up to the hose the water that I would think should be shooting out of the back of the ski coming from the hoses from the top of the cylinder and what I would guess is the header (may not be the right name of the part) only seems to dribble out slowly. Is this normal I checked to see that all the hoses are clear and they seem to be.

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    I think I have the answer to the cooling issue but any help with the rev limiter question would be very helpful.

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    Yes there is a revlimiter & when on the hose doesnt take much throttle to engage the revlimiter. (no load on motor)

    When you flush you are flushing backwards from normal operation so it doesnt flow as strong as in the water operation.

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    It sounds like a bad mpem if its hitting it at say 5000- do this unplug the black wire with the red tracer from the mpem it goes from the pickup coil to the ignition coil it will "T" to the mpem just unplug it from the mpem if it revs fine you need a mpem,I got 1 if you need it

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    Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.

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