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    Jared of Oklahoma
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    Can anyone give me some advice?? on a 900ZXI

    I have a 1995 900ZXI that I bought this last winter for dirt cheap because it was a basket case. The motor was out of it and had to be put back in. The magnetic switch was of course broken. and the bottom of the hull looked like it had a serious case of the rash. Also there were several decent holes in the hull. Well all the fiberglass is now repaired and the hull is about ready to go to paint. The seat and handle bar pad just got back from the upholstery shop and look awesome. And now I have one more problem or rather a challenge. As most who are familiar with the 900ZXI know, a common problem with these skis is the trim issues because of a poor design. Has anyone come up with a creative fix for this issue?? Like for example a trim motor out of another brand or even a different year Kawasaki??? also does anyone have any ideas for solving the water coming in the cable issue?? Any wisdom would be awesome... I am trying to finish this ski on a budget without spending more on the trim than I did the ski. Although I could just go without trim, I hate having a feature on a ski that does not work.

    thanks guys,
    Jared of Choctaw Oklahoma

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    I moded a trim box from an Ultra 150 to work in my zxi. I had to eliminate the control box so it does not work the best and you have to be carefull not to run it past all up or all down so the gear doesn't strip.

    I paid $75 for the ultra trim box.

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