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    Noise and the 15f

    OK so I picked up my brand new 15F last month and have finally put a couple of hours on it. However one thing bothers me and I'm not sure if there is anything that I can do about it. The ski makes more noise then I anticipated. Does anyone have any experience in isolating engine/pump noise by using some type of sound insolation. Any help would be apreaciated.


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    most on here install the riva free flow kit and eliminate one of the mufflers - thus increasing the exhaust note. they also install an aftermarket air intake - further increasing the roar of the engine.

    sorry, i dont think you will find any answers on how to make the 15F quieter here.

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    i think STOCK its actually quieter than a 4tec engine at full throttle, but im not sure about that. but mines not stock so i cant help ya out. but man does the FF Exhaust sound good!!

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    if you ask me, its one of the quieter machines out there.
    can hardly hear it idling. Although the 15f is a little louder than my 12f.

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