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    Carbon Fiber pieces

    I have an '07 FX HO. A friend of mine and I are going to produce some 1 off carbon fiber pieces for it. A piece that replaces the rear seat of a three seater with a CF shell(a lot like what you'd find on the back seat area of a YZF R1). It will still be functional as a cover for the rear storage but shed some weight off of the ski. We're currently working on a pair of CF mirror shells. Eventually with some R&D I'd like to have some CF sponsons made and possibly a ride plate . The possibilities are endless when it comes to CF. I would also like to get rid of the factory style intake box and produce one that is just a cover for the engine. Yes I'm aware that the airbox and filter are there to protect the engine from water ingestion but if you have enough water in your hull or your seat comes off when it rolls over in the ocean your last thought will be the water in your engine. It'll be "I hope i can get this thing off the bottom."

    Just some thoughts. I should have both mirror housings done in a week or so and will promptly post pics of them.

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    before you go to all the efort it may be beter to take the parts off compleatly and see if the ski is any faster


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    Yeah... I know what you mean. I'm really doing it for the looks. I mean even if I shed 20 pounds off of it I probably won't notice any significant speed increase. I'm really into customizing things and improving on what the factory has done .

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    any news on this?

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