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    Chine Walker
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    316(A4) Grade bolts for use on pump/wear ring union?

    I noticed the SS RIVA/Solas GPR wear ring is not threaded to receive the pump bolts; instead you place nuts in the casting slots.
    Would it be ok to substitute the stock bolts with SS 316-A4 bolts and nuts; I found these metric SS all metal lock nuts???
    Can the 316 alloy take the torque??

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    those bolts should do fine. I finally found the correct thread pitch nuts in SS and used the oem bolts. At first I used replacement bolts also since the nuts were hard to find. I also used silicone glue to hold the nuts in place so when I changed props the nuts stayed in place! Tommy Jordan

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    Chine Walker
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    Thanks Tommy. I found McMaster-Carr has the correct metric pitch in 316 SS.
    On a different note, I've heard that if you can just squeeze a playing card between the ring and prop you've got good clearance; agreed??


    Ps. looks like you can only get fully threaded bolts in A4 alloy (DIN 933). 18-8 is available in partial (DIN 931) thread; will this alloy hold up as well as 316?
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