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    1997 Jet Ski Polaris SL 1050 specs

    Yes. I am new to the jet ski scene. I usually just mess with sports bikes but just started gettin into jet ski's. Anyways i was thinking of buying a Jet Ski Polaris SL 1050(1997) and i just wanted to know some facts about it. For some reason google isnt doing it for me. Its mainly just for me but i will have my gf on the back sometimes as well. Just want to make sure that it is right for me to have some speed but every once in a while put someone on the back of it. Thanks. Oh and it has 145hp.
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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!
    You should be able to find some info here...

    Good info here too...
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    Welcome to the Green Hulk, Polaris section!

    For Polaris PWC, Google is not the place to go.
    Green Hulk is.

    Technical information linked here.

    Use the Search feature - there is a LOT of information in here.

    1997 SL1050 was rated for 120HP, the biggest domestic (painted red) motor Polaris made that year. Polaris also used Fuji engines (painted blue) in many of the 1992-1996 models, and continued to do so in the high performance Pro785 model 1997-2000.

    The SL hulls are rated as two seater, and yes you can carry two reasonably sized people. It really is happiest with one rider. I have ridden a friend's 1997 SL900, same hull, slightly less power. It had plenty of power (110HP rated) for the hull size/length, but with two up it idles with the rear deck under water, and can be tippy, especially if the two people add up in weight.

    The SL hulls are fairly flat bottomed, which makes for a bumpy ride in rough water, but also makes for a 'playful' hull when the single rider wants to spin, jump, and generally mess about.

    Speed wise, these hulls generally run mid-50s or so, depending on how well the engine is running, and the condition of the impeller, stator, and ride plate. They will NOT catch many of the current crop of four strokes, many of which have big HP numbers.

    That said, they can be reasonably economical on fuel (for a PWC). Being fairly light weight (under 600 lbs dry, I think), they can also be more fun to play with.

    Well maintained, they can also be quite reliable. Not properly maintained, like any other motorized marine equipment, they can be less than wonderful.

    Parts are available, new and used.

    Most importantly, if you are willing to read and learn, there is plenty of support and help to be found in these forums.
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    Welcome to Green Hulk

    I have a SL1050,I love it. Plenty of power,does 60 mph GPS. The SL's are a little like riding a dirt bike when the water gets choppy,plenty of fun.
    I have a friend that bought 2 97's,he's very happy. 1 of his relatives rode the 97 and liked it enough he bought 1 also.

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    I have a SL1050 and im getting 65.8 GPS out of it. Engine is ported though.

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    97 SL 1050 was my first ski, and a VERY fun ski!

    Ive talked 2 friends into buying one and both have liked them, and right now I'm trying to find another SL 1050 or similar for another nOOb

    I now have a Pro 785 and would like a nice '97-'01 SL or SLX for a second ski that I would basically keep just stock and ride the piss out of it!

    Awesome platform, the most playful yet stable hull in that class, and that still holds true to this day for it's size!

    I wouldnt hesitate buying another one if it's in good condition.

    The only thing to really watch out for with the '97 1050 is the thru hull pump area. They had a service bulletin or recall to beef it up a bit. I never had a problem though and I literally beat the hell out of mine.

    Never should have sold it

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    I second what everone has said here.

    The SL hulls with domestic engines are just great boats. They are really forgiving hulls and are fun as hell. The SL900 and SL1050 are when the SL hulls got really powerful and they are really just a blast.

    They are a little "wild" with two people on them, and are definitely tricky at low speeds with two people, but really fun too.

    If I had to summarize what riding on an SL hull two up would be like, I would say to make sure you do it on a nice warm day and expect to get wet. If your girlfriend wants to go for a nice joy ride and stay dry, you will need to lie to her, because the first few times one or both of you will probably fall in multiple times trying to get going!

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    Hi 222, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!
    I remember when the 96 SL900 first hit our show room floors, we couldn't get then fast enough.
    If you buy it, post up some pictures!!

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    Thanks guys i really apperciate it. Yes i will def post up pics soon when i get it. Oh and what are good places to buy parts for it?

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