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    WTT GPRXP for GP1300r or RXP

    You could have a GPRXP before MUB BUG!

    I have a 2004 GPR with a 2005 RXP motor in it.
    The motor is totally stock has 100 HRS on it, I have a XS IC that goes with the ski.
    The hull is stock (modified for the conversion)
    This is ready to go all you need is you Supercharger and you ready to fly. The intake grate is a R/D 1200 grate, The ride plate is a Riva that has been modified for high speed flat water, All inserts have been updated, Pump tunnel has been reinforced, Stock Metal trim have been installed from a 2000 GPR (if you need to know why I used this I can explain why). The pump is a Skat 8 vein with a 15/23 swril prop, The conversion driveshaft has been installed and alligned.
    Here is a link to the build so you can see what has been done:
    If you want me to install the SC that you provide thats not a problem, so you can take away a running ski.
    I can even provide a single trailer if you want it.

    Ok here is what I am looking for:

    $10,000 out right buy the ski.

    trade for a stock 1300r or RXP and $5,000

    Trade for a modified 1300r and some cash depending on the mods and who did them.

    Now you wondering why I am selling this one like I have with all the rest I have built; I really enjoy building them and get board when they are finished. Plus I have too many projects right now going on.

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    i have an 07 gpr with 40 hours and the following list of mods ::
    riva dplate
    riva intake grate
    jims plate
    jims head
    freeflow exhaust
    riva efi
    r and d power plenum
    ricky carmichaels bars with the stock trim
    cant think of anything else off hand let me know what u think ...

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    You have a PM

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