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    Getting "Check Engine" message on 04 RXP

    Today while out riding the "Check Engine" message come on twice. It first started on Friday. It came on after about twenty minutes of riding and the ski never lost power so i slowed it down and took it eazy back to the dock. After checking the oil and letting it sit for a about 2 minutes I headed back out and that was the end of that. Today after a fwe minutes of riding the "Check Engine Mesage came up once more. After the same thing of ketting it sit went back out and no mor message. After some hard riding no message and then leting the ski sit while I did some water sking went back out on the ski and about 3 minutes into the ride the "Check engine light comes on once more to the hell with it I just put it up for the day. What could be the problem?????

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    Plug your lanyard in, press set 5 times in a row. Record the trouble code and replace the corresponding sensor.

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    If and when i do hit the set 5 times and the code flash how can I look up the problem??? Will it clear the computer?? i have about 70 hours on the ski and it is still under the factory warenty. I will try that and i wil probly still send it back to the dealer and have them check it out. i have a good relationship with the dealer here so I will see what there take is on it. Where can i get the code charts from.

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