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    RPM loss in the dead heat ?

    How many rpm's do you lose from cool temps " like this time of year " to the dead heat of summer ?

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    my conversion ran 8650 and it was on the limiter in 55 degree weather, when i went to sebastian flor it was 93 and i was running about 8350 or so. around 300 or so

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    Today air was about 73 and water about 66 , I'am turning 8,240 and saw 8,280 twice. I can feel the rev. limiter so no doubt I'am hitting it.
    I'am running stage one with 1mm added to the 14/19 " never saw the rpm's change once I added 1mm " , Rotax Racing impeller , riva pro sponson's , riva pro block off's , filled holes , vented engine compartment.
    Running high 73's mph a few months ago in colder weather on radar.

    I have a 15/20 on the way but worried about summer heat with it.

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    No wedge , didnt like the feel of it.

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    On my 185 GTX, I would lose about 150 - 200 rpms from
    spring to hot summer water and air..
    I would even lose 100-150 from first 10 mins out on lake to
    say a half or full hour later... When I installed the RR thermostat,
    the heat fade on same day riding was gone all the way.

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    i made my own 160 deg thermostate get the merc thermostate part # 99155A1 or the serra 18-3555 which replaces the merc i used the one from my ski & found another one cut the other ring holding the center pice in and then i broke the center out of the other with a pair of side cutters be carefull then i took a heat gun and heated the outer houseing that holds the center peace place the merc thermostate in and press the 2 peaces back together untill it snap make sure you dont lose the o-ring but for less than $20 i have a factory looking 160 deg thermostate
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    syou will lose 300 rpm +or- but if you get your nozzel machined for rings, then you can change ring to alter your rpm's, with your stock nozzel idealy you want to run a solid 8100, again with changing ring's up or down on size you can change your rpm's accordingly

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    How many rpm's do you lose from cool temps " like this time of year " to the dead heat of summer ?
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