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    Angry 2006 Honda F-12x brand new will not start

    I recently purchased two brand new 2006 Honda F-12x jet ski's from a Honda dealer. I took them out yesterday afternoon to the water and NEITHER one would start. What do I need to do? I know I can take them back to the dealer. I have the original one year warranty plus the extended 3 year warranty I purchased. I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas. I searched through the manual to the skis and tried to trouble shooting steps, none of which worked.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Please let me know!

    Both ski's are full on premium fuel as suggested by the fuel ratings for the turbo skis.

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    Dave Sharp dav_dman's Avatar
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    would they turn over?
    if you plug the lanyard in and then unload them, you must hit the stop button again before hitting the start reset the lanyard... this happens anytime you put in the lanyard and then sit more than about30 seconds before starting..just hit the stop ..then let the system initialize 5 secs..then the start

    start them out of the water first, and only let run 10seconds.

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    They turn and turn, but won't go completely over. If I try to start for too long, the warning light comes on and they beep. Friday they both fired up in the garage before I took them out. Now, they just sound like they are turning, but won't go all the way over.

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    Wow. That's almost unbelievable. Did the dealer prep them correctly? It's almost impossible to run into 1 Honda ski that won't start let alone 2. I took my new out for the first time yesterday and it started instantly.

    I'd get them back to the dealer ASAP, something is not right. Good luck.


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    Yeah, I could not believe it. As I mentioned, both started here at the house when I started them up in the garage. I only let them run for 2-3 seconds then shut them off. When i was at the river, wouldn't budge. It was frustrating. I took the battery terminal (negative) off and let sit, reconnected a bit later, still nothing.

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    I have seen this same thing happen before and believe it or not, the Plugs were fouled. The dealers and new owners have a tendency to crank them for lots of short periods and the cold enrichment to the EFI runs them rich enough to foul the plugs. You can get a new set for about $10 a piece at Advance Auto parts. You need a spare set anyway as insurance.
    Once they warm up, they lean out and burn the carbon off the plugs.

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    Easy fix for both skis--sink 'um-- collect insurance-- buy two new Sea-Doos. Just a little humor before all you Honduh guys get upset.

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    I got some electrical cleaner at Auto Zone - it is a light cleaner and cleaned the plugs. Got one fired up. Going to work on the next one now! Advance Auto nor Auto Zone had the plugs in stock so I am trying something different until I can get new ones. Thanks for all the help - and for the Sea-Doo guy - not sinking anything! Thanks for your thoughts though! I love these skis, just started too many times w/out being in the water first! I cannot wait to get them out!!!!
    Thanks for the help JRINJAX!

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    I tried starting my new 05 R-12x for the first time this week and could not get it to start. It would crank and crank and get the warning beeps but no start. I checked the plugs and they were dirty so I cleaned them and still no start. Finally I checked the fuses and I guess when the dealer installed the battery they blew the fuel pump fuse. Once I changed the fuse and pressed the start button the ski started rite up and sounded wonderful.

    I would def make sure you check all the fuses.

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    The fuse is most defantly your problem. From when the boats set in crate or over winter the fuel injector get clogged up and the fuse blows cause it won't let the injectors prime so it blows the fuse instead of burning up pump. Had serveral Brand new boats in crate have this problem. I would check fuse panel by battery. Easy fix and save some time going to dealer. I beleive its a mini 10a fuse. Best of luck.

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