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    Newbie - New STX-15F + ZXI1100 Question

    Hello everyone, I just bought an new stx-15f this week. I also bought a nice 1997 zxi1100 over the winter. I do not have an owners manual for the 1100, and was wondering if someone could tell me the correct direction to roll it over if we tip it while riding? If it had a sticker, someone removed it. We are riding sometime this afternoon, and knowing me, i will flip it.............THX!

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    Welcome to the Hulk!!

    Here is a link for the manual download.

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    Thanks, I looked thru that, but still can not find the answer. No One Can Tell Me?

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    Come on, someone hook me up.........

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    rolling directions

    Why you roll a ski a certain way is to keep the carbs out of the water. So imagine the ski upside down..... which way would you roll it that would keep the carbs "high and dry"?

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