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Thread: Hold your nuts?

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    Hold your nuts?

    Sooooooo....with all the 75+ mph skis coming to MB, what's the plan for exploding intake grates? At this point, I can only see holding our nuts, closing our eyes, and hoping everything goes well.

    What keeps coming to mind are the masses of people floating just to the side of the speed lane. If a grate breaks and a ski does the infamous hard right/left, there could be some trouble for spectators. Wonder if we need to reposition the crowd?

    Just a few paranoid thoughts...

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    I'm sure you're not the only person with this concern. It's gone through my head a few times.

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    the rxp guys are breaking grates 2... have seen 3 r&d 800s in the past 2 weeks all new and all with a big dent in the front i like my 1200... like i posted before i can get solid billet ones for around $700 but, i have to have atleast 50 orders and money is tight with everyone. the mod iam about to release helps dispurse some of the water going to the grate but, i dont think enough to help those shit pile r&d ones. good point on the radar alley never know just be alert

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    Me like 1200 grate, I can wait for SS 800 grate to gain the 1-2 mph

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    Its a good time to start this type of discussion up.

    Here's a discussion on some of the radar run safety aspects that died off a few months ago.
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    This has crossed my mind aswell! All I can say is if ya are a spectator keep your finger on the start button so ya can get the hell of dodge

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