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    Price quote on a 15f and LX

    I live in NC and called my local kawa dealer. They service my 12f and are good to work with service wise. Below are the qoutes, but seem high when compared to other postings on this board.

    2008 15f - New - with taxes, tags, NC sticker, fire Ext. - OTD price $8463 (no trailer)

    2007 LX - 2 hours - loaned through winter to local lake rescue - includes full factory warranty - $8500 -without taxes etc. (no trailer)

    What do you think?

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    that seems high for the 15f. i traded my 03 12f in on a new 15f for 4500 dollars. that included a new trailer. i was given 3800 for the trade.

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    If a good relationship with your dealer is important to you and you have found a good one then spending alittle more may be ok. If its not then you need to look around and you will find a better deal. Look on ebay, ive seen a couple there.

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    I just paid 8059.00 out the dorr for my new 15f.........

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