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    94 Polaris slt750 Tripple Fuel Pump

    I bought a tipple output fuel pump. I modified a flame arrestor to fit my polaris tipple carbs. My problem is finding where to mount this fuel pump. I tried appoxy'ing it to the side but it fell off. Has anyone ran into this problem when switching flame arrestor setups? The old mount was on the stock flame arrestor.

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    Yeah everyone says to mount it at that rib but the SLT 750 doesnt have that rib near the battery box and the fit is way too tight. Therefore after a year of figuring out where to put this I used the stock L mount and mounted it on the center hole to one of the hex screws that I located on the water rail by the PTO cylinder. It seems to work but I want to replace that and put a three pisser setup so I have no idea where to put this fuel pump.

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    On my SLT I made a bracket and mounted it to the head studs.

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