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    How loud is the ventilation blower?

    Just bought it (used 2007 speedster 150) and I can't hear the fan run when I flip the switch. I haven't checked the fuse yet, but I was wondering how fast this fan runs? Should I be able to feel air coming from the vent or hear the blower? If so, then I either have a blown fuse or buggered fan.

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    to try to really hear it, open your engine cover hatch and flip on the switch, then you should hear it. there should be two holes with one having a blower. i know that when i do that i can hear it in my challenger 1800

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    In my C180 2005, i can hear it when the engine is stopped, but not really when the engine is running, and can not feel any draft of air by the hand on the vents, nothing to worry there it is just to vent a bit so no extreme power there....
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    It is loud sounds like a vaccum cleaner. Try swapping out the fuse.

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    mine is loud like a cheap hairdryer, even with engine compartment closed. <yah, with engine off>

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